Fashion Designer


Initial Research

For this project, I am taking inspiration from Scandinavian design through interior and exterior design. Also, I am using the philosophy of existentialism to give my research more depth. I am going to play with the idea of a concept store and bag design, as well as a regular collection.

The collection will be inspired by the shapes and texture found in Scandinavian interior and exterior design. I will be sampling quilting, prints, seamlines, and manipulation that I found through image research. Something new I will be experimenting with is handbag design. The Scandinavian design style lends itself well to bag design through shape, hardware, and material. 

For the concept store, I want to play with the idea of having a store that sells other designers merchandise. For example furniture, jewelry, fragrances, art, etc... This will be an environment where there will be an immersive experience into the lifestyle. I want the buyer to have a different experience than if they were to walk into a normal boutique.


Ian Satkowski2 Comments